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Diane Jellen, Author and Speaker

Christian Woman Speaker for Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Diane Jellen, Christian Author & Speaker

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For those charged with possession of an illegal substance, arrested for a DUI, or involved in a sex scandal, the latest celebrity trend is to enter a rehabilitation center. But for the codependent, the one who loved and enabled the addict, there is no safe hiding place. With our dignity stripped away and the family secret revealed, we think we have to deal with the self-blame and shame alone.

When the addict we love is in treatment, and the family drama subsides some of us codependents are uncomfortable in a manic-free home. The unnatural silence accuses us of failure and convinces us we were unsuccessful in trying to save our loved ones from their addiction. Our confidence dissolves and a dark place engulfs us.

“I was most anxious to read your book, ordered it through amazon, started & finished the book. Congratulations! The book is fabulous & without any doubt will come to the aid of those afflicted with addiction.”

– NB

But Diane the codependent will not allow negative thoughts to interfere with her ongoing recovery. She brings a quiet, God-assured energy into the meeting rooms, and stresses the importance of welcoming the silence, the peace-filled home and focus on getting well.

The story of Jellen’s life with an alcoholic father and spouse will resonate with those dealing with addiction. Diane shares that after her husband moved out, she sought professional counseling and learned that SHE had played a leading role in the family drama. In order to achieve spiritual and emotional recovery, Diane had to deal with her own contributing issues including:

  • Denial
  • Stigma of Addiction
  • Shame – Blame – Divorce
  • Family Secrets
  • Financial Loss


Join Diane and learn how to face your shortcomings and find inner peace, God’s peace—the only peace that leads to a truthful, healthy lifestyle.


Diane Jellen, award-winning Christian author

Diane Jellen, Author of My Resurrected Heart, signing her book during her book signing tour.

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“What a book! No punches held, awesome honest, highly emotional and revealing. This book has a great potential of helping many suffering families, and giving hope to hopeless people.”
– JS

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