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Diane Jellen, Christian Author & Speaker

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Diane Jellen, Christian Author & Speaker

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Christians caught in the stigma of addiction and infidelity pray for something—someone to help them face their denial while remaining grounded in their faith. Believers and non-believers alike are part of a growing number of people searching for answers to their obsessive codependent behavior. They long for a book that addresses their carefully guarded secret shame. Codependents are afraid to admit that someone they love is an addict because it brings them face-to-face with the truth—that they are co-addicts who have a problem called “enabling.”

There are many codependency books for compulsive caregivers, but few offer the Spirit-filled inner healing found in My Resurrected Heart: A Codependent’s Healing Journey.

“I am in awe of your courage, vulnerability, but most of all the inspiration that your message conveys – that with God all things are possible. Addiction & co dependency (false pride) changed the course of my life. But by the grace of God and placing the palm of my hand in the palm of His hand He is taking me to places I never expected.”

– NB

When speaking to a group, Jellen engages her audience by reading excerpts from the My Storysection of My Resurrected Heart.This segment reveals the humiliating schemes she employed in an attempt to control her husband’s drinking. Diane’s transparency encourages others to acknowledge their shortcomings and begin their personal journey to wholeness.

In the My Awakening – My Hope portion, Jellen confronts her deep-rooted victim mentality. Using real-life incidents, she shows how she labored to develop a more optimistic mindset. Diane’s message is timeless—trust God in all things. Through Scripture and prayer, we can learn to love ourselves and our addicted loved ones just as Jesus taught.


Diane Jellen, award-winning Christian author

Diane Jellen, Author of My Resurrected Heart, signing her book during her book signing tour.

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“What a book! No punches held, awesome honest, highly emotional and revealing. This book has a great potential of helping many suffering families, and giving hope to hopeless people.”
– JS


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