For those of us who have faced the “Irma’s” in our path. Instead of trying to control, or always thinking we must have the answer to every problem, maybe that’s the best time to Let go and let God! Just ask Job how that worked out for him.


From out of a storm, the Lord said to Job:


Why do you talk so much when you know so little? 


Now get ready to face me! Can you answer the questions I ask?


How did I lay the foundation for the earth? Were you there?


Doubtless you know who decided its length and width.


What supports the foundation? Who placed the cornerstone,


while morning stars sang, and angels rejoiced?


When the ocean was born, I set its boundaries


and wrapped it in blankets of thickest fog.


10 Then I built a wall around it, locked the gates,


 11 and said, “Your powerful waves stop here! They can go no farther.” Job 38: 1-11 (CEV)

irma poster