Or is it?

In Al-Anon we hear the slogan, “Detach with Love.”

However, the real test of Detaching with Love is to love ourselves enough to begin our detachment process.

Detachment has nothing to do with the person I think I can cure, change, and control.

Detachment is about me.

About restoring my Dignity with a capital D.

About embracing my own respectability – poise – grace – honor.

This is my God-given DNA and so much more.

It is time I act as if I believe it!


The 12 Steps have taught me that I will never stop my obsessive need to enable by my own power. I have come to trust in a Power greater than myself.

Do you still trust in your pseudo power to control, change or cure another? If so, you are dodging healthy detachment.

Detachment with inner peace is possible through the Power of the Holy Spirit within.

. . .  I am the Lord All-Powerful. So don’t depend on your own power or strength, but on my Spirit (Zechariah 4:6 CEV).