As a full-fledged caregiver, enabler, overseer, one of the skills I work on one day at a time is to be quiet. I am slowly learning to give the other person a chance to speak, and listen, really listen to what they are saying. Not as easy as it sounds. Like most people, while the other person is talking, I’m already forming a rebuttal or an “I know how to do it better” suggestion.

As we begin a new week, here are a few tips on the value of listening. No need to respond verbally.

“No need to respond,” doesn’t that take the pressure off?

Simply sit back and read – listen with your soul.

  1. The quieter you become the more you can hear.

  2. The world gives us answers every day. We have to learn the skill of listening.

  3. Most of us don’t listen to understand, we listen with the intent to respond. We think we have to have a quick comeback.

  4. Your first instinct is usually right. Take time. Listen and think about the situation.

  5. To respect someone is to listen, really listen to what they are saying.

  6. Speech is silver. Silence is golden. Discretion is more valuable than the most eloquent words

  7. I am a Quaker – in case of emergency, please be quiet.

“The less form in religion the better, since God is a Spirit; . . . the more silent, the more suitable to the language of a Spirit.” William Penn