Our New DNA – Detach Not Abandon – Discover New Alternatives!

I won’t lie to you. My effort to stop controlling and fixing others has been a long, hard process. I have followed the steps, attended meetings, written codependent self-help articles, and still face challenges when it comes to detachment.
That is why I often refer to the Detach Not Abandon guidelines listed below. Beginning with guilt. For me, guilt is a killer. It kills my hope. Guilt whispers in my ear, and if I allow it, guilt will blame me for what I do, and condemn me for what I failed to do.
Just for today, let’s work on disengaging from the lies guilt tries to inject into every reflection.
We can only keep one thought in our head at a time. Make it a positive one!



Disengage from guilt

Evaluate future growth

Transfer responsibility to rightful owner

Activate my independence

Cultivate new behaviors

Healthy boundaries










Balance roles

Accept self

Neutralize guilt

Dignity restored

Obey inner voice

Nourish new options

© 2014 Diane M. Jellen


“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32 NLT).