When talking about Substance Use Disorder or Mental Illness, the term, Family Disease is often mentioned and it’s not referring only to family genetics.

In truth, Family Disease is when the behavior of a family member who struggles with a mental illness affects the equilibrium of the whole family.

A vivid example of the involvement of everyone in the whole family would be a wind chime. When the wind blows, not just one, but all the attached chimes on the string move. Every chime is involved whether they want to be or not.

Whether we’re dealing with mental disease or addiction, 12-Twelve Step programs teach us the truth behind the “Three C’s”

We didn’t Cause it.

We can’t Contol it.

We can’t Cure it.

And I added a fourth “C”  – We still Care.

As we close out Mental Health Awareness Month please give yourself the gift of three minutes and click on the link below of Ashley Judd’s interview regarding her mother, Naomi Judd, and her long struggle with poor brain health.

(1) Ashely Judd speaks on mental health and grieving her mother – YouTube