Posted August 27, 2016

During this highly charged political season, we are getting an ear full of whopper’s from both sides. However, none is as damaging as the lies we tell ourselves.

Families coping with addictions are not what friends and neighbors perceive us to be. From childhood, we learn to make excuses, lie about the obvious, and live in denial. Fear commands us to act valiantly on the outside while maintaining a tight rein on the secrets within.

In many families, a seemingly devoted husband and father (wife and mother) provide for their household while carrying on an extramarital affair with alcohol or drugs. This collapse of values creates inner chaos. But enablers have not been allowed or taught to give anger a voice. Instead, silent screams puncture their volatile existence (My Resurrected Heart: A Codependent’s Journey to Healing, Day 3-Cover Up).

Lying about the family disease of addiction begins at an early age. The following short quiz alerts us to the lies we tell ourselves.


Foolish dreamers live in a world of illusion; wise realists plant their feet on the ground (Proverbs 14:18 MSG).