What holds us back from believing in ourselves? Is it fear of failure, or are we afraid success would challenge us to do more—to be more?

With no thought of failure, fearless waves rush in and embrace the shore. In a swish, the sandy sea continues out to an endless horizon of hope.

Another wave, then another—lifts, supports, reinforces. The surf’s resilient power confirms:

  1. Each step will lead to an ocean of new possibilities.

  2. Self-inventory can bring the refreshing change we seek.

  3. Testing the waters of grace leads to forgiveness of self.

  4. Sharing the steps reinforces our journey to wholeness.

    Beach steps recovery

Regardless of where we live, if we close our eyes and listen to the faithful cadence of the ocean, we will hear a message of restoration. Our steps will become steady. Together we will ride the waves to a newfound confidence. 


“The alluring sound of the ocean beckoned to me, and I accepted its call to play. With each breaking wave, my footing and confidence grew as the child in me romped in the boundless incoming tide.” (My Resurrected Heart, Jellen, p.82.)