It may be April Fools’ Day, but addicts and coaddicts like me do not need anyone to play April Fools’ Day pranks on us. We have made fools of ourselves—all by ourselves.

I cannot count the times I laughed at my alcoholic’s drunken behavior. Hahahaha! He was so funny when he had had too much to drink. Little did I realize I was the one playing the part of a fool. Once again, I allowed denial to dupe me into believing we were both having fun.


When I finally hit bottom, I could no longer dismiss the foolishness of my actions—my hollow laughter—my seething anger—my enabling. Since my spouse refused to get help, I decided I needed the reality of recovery to bring about a change in me.

Then I heard about Al-Anon. In my search for a meeting, I discovered these folks were not foolin’ when it came to the power of change a name can bring to our lives. We know name-calling hurts, and thanks to Al-Anon, I no longer call myself stupid, foolish, or worthless.


The individual Al-Anon support groups also call themselves names—positive names. They value the titles they choose for their group meetings. Their meeting names (shown below in italics) have taught me – – – –

It’s all about having the Courage to Change because Changing Attitudes gives us the Freedom to Grow.

You Are Not Alone when Just for Today we want to be a Wisdom Seeker.

Keep it Simple, set out With Hope for Today, and trust it will bring a Fresh Start as we seek Progress not Perfection.

Now I nurture The Child Within and have learned to Love your  Inner Child.

Join me in Facing our Past, Stepping Ahead with Courage, Gratitude, Peace, and Joy.

After all, this is How Al-Anon Works.



More inspiring names in any language.

Al-Anon Polish Speaking Meeting in Pennsylvania Nadzieja W. Przemianie – Hope in Transformation.

Al-Anon Spanish Speaking Meeting in Florida Aceptacion y Accion – Acceptance and Action.  

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or