It has been a busy month, but thank God we made it to January 22nd. 

Ready to give yourself a makeover during January 2017 National Codependency Awareness Month? Let’s start by shedding the negative names and calling ourselves, “Special.”

JANUARY  2017 ~ NCA Calendar

 3rd National Codependency Awareness Month

Because Names Matter ~ NCAM ~ The perfect month to pick a new name

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
1.    A New Year
2.  The most positive name I will call myself is _______
3.    Labels do not have to stick. I am giving myself a new name
4.  Only YOU can remove the negative labels. Go for it!


5. Call me Dignity!   I no longer respond to insulting labels and put-downs.
6.Negative name-calling is bullying.
Stop it!
7.  First Saturday of 2017. Make it a dignified day!
8   Second Sunday of  2017  What do you promise to do for You this coming week?
9. Personal tags, logos, id’s, are not shortcomings But names that describe the best of who I am.
10.  Things starting to get sticky again?
11. Eliminate sticky, gummy, gooey, greasy problems without harming  Surface
12. And the “surface below” is how you feel. How do you feel?
13. How will you live up to your high expectations this weekend?
14.  It’s Saturday. Loosen up. Don’t make your bed. Be carefree. Enjoy the outdoors!


15.  There is no Sticker Shock” with God.  He has written our true name down in Glory. He calls me Awesome!


16. Martin Luther King Jr. was called Civil Rights Leader, Rev., Doctor, and son of the Risen King!

17. Sticks and Stones may Break my Bones – – – –

18– – – but Names No Longer Hurt Me

19.  Thanks to Step One, I went being called unmanageable to being self-controlled.

20.  It’s Friday. Let’s make it a Drama-free weekend.


Hooray! Made it to the weekend. What will you do to make it a feel-good kinda day?
22. Sunday, Funday. Take a walk. Find a free gift from nature. Ask yourself, “Why did I pick this particular gift?
23.  Another manic Monday? With the help of your Higher Power make it manageable!
24.  Forget the name-calling work Step 7   and grow.
25. Let’s make Wednesdays, “Belly laugh day.” Ready, set, Hahaha.
26.  What are some of the kindest names anyone has ever called you?
27. Attend a 12-step meeting. Everyone there will call you “Friend!”
28. Growing up, what labels did your family pin on you?


29.  Did your first boyfriend or girlfriend have a special name for you?

30. Let the 12 Steps lead us away from the hurtful labels, name calling lies from the past. Free at last!

31. Because  I  finally recognize my inner worth, you may now call me_______

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