Today’s repost was written by my friend, D. J. Burr. D. J. is a ‎psychotherapist, specializing in treating codependence and sex and love addiction, as well as other process addictions. D.J. is also an advocate for 12-Step recovery.

H.O.P.E. Hold on, Pain Ends. I have this message tattooed on my wrist. I see it every time I am struggling with something difficult. I tend to clasp my hands together when I am stressed. I used to wring them like that was going to solve my conflicts. Now, I gently hold them together and I tell myself to hold on.


hope wrist tatoo

Pain is inevitable—it is a part of life. We all will have pain in our lives as we progress, but one thing we do not have to have is suffering. I have learned that suffering is optional. I am grateful to know that now. In recovery, I get to make choices that can end my suffering like praying, calling a friend, or getting to a recovery meeting.

I no longer have to fret about the pain I am experiencing in that moment. I know that my Higher Power has me exactly where I need to be. There is a lesson to be learned in pain. I am constantly open to learning more about myself and others. The pain is worth the gain.  Darrett “D.J.” Burr, LMHC, NCC, S-PSB

D. J. Burr is the author of, I Just Wanted Love: Recovery of a Codependent, Sex and Love Addict, and Unfinished: A GLBT Domestic Violence Workbook. 

To learn more about D.J. check out, or Journey On: Men Healing from Sexual Abuse and Assault,

“Hope is not found in a way out but a way through.” Robert Frost

He renews our hopes and heals our bodies (Psalm 147:3 CEV).