What is that saying?

Do I set it forward or back one hour?

Oh, yes, “Spring forward, fall back.”

During my codependent marriage, my spring forward-fall back behavior shifted countless times from hope to despair and back again.

You see, it always dependent on my husband’s mood. In order to promote harmony, I tried to control our dysfunctional family situations.

At the time, I didn’t realize I was in a recovery/relapse mode. Recovery was the spring forward progress I made when I tried to let go and let God.

The relapse—my fall-back period was when I gave up on God and tried to change, control, and outmaneuver the addict in my life.

Like me, how many of you are learning the relapse maneuver never works?

 After I began attending 12-Step meeting, I came to understand how my past relapses affected my future recovery.

That new awareness unveiled unhealthy patterns and has shown me how to spring forward to a brighter tomorrow.

My prayer is that you will use the extra hour of daylight and discover your goodness. Acknowledge the light within, and every day will be a daily saving time-of-hope kind of day.

And so, God willing, we will move forward to further understanding (Hebrews 6-3). NLT