Domestic Violence is a pattern of abusive and coercive behaviors, including physical, sexual and psychological attacks, as well as economic coercion, that adults and adolescents use against their intimate partners to gain control.


Why Victims Stay:

Economic dependence

Fear of greater danger w/leaving

Fear of losing custody

Lack of alternative housing

Lack of job skills

Social isolation

Fear of loneliness

Guilt of failed marriage

Belief that abuser will be charged by police

Feeling of helplessness

Lack of emotional support

Cultural/ Religious restraints

Love/Hope for behavior change

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Survivors of domestic abuse often suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and PTSD symptoms such as panic attacks and disturbing flashbacks of the abuse. Counseling and support groups can help ease these symptoms …

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Most importantly, stay safe, have a backup plan, a safe house for you and your children. Domestic Violence is not about shame, blame, or regrets. There is no shame when it comes to protecting yourself and those you love. Use your God-given Spiritual sense – be vigilant and wise.

The wise watch their steps and avoid evil; fools are headstrong and reckless (Proverbs 14:16 MSG).