Step 3 in the 12-Step Program reminds us – – –

Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.

At meetings, talking with our sponsors, and reading 12-Step literature all point to the value of making choices that are in our best interest. What we do with the positive coaching is up to us.

From experience, when I admit I am powerless over “fixing” someone else’s problem, is when I know the steps are leading me on the right road. I pray I find the grace to stay close to my Higher Power, as I keep marching forward—one day at a time.


Cry for help and you’ll find it’s grace and more grace. The moment he hears, he’ll answer. Just as the Master kept you alive during the hard times, he’ll keep your teacher alive and present among you. Your teacher will be right there, local and on the job, urging you on whenever you wander left or right: “This is the right road. Walk down this road.” You’ll scrap your expensive and fashionable god-images. You’ll throw them in the trash as so much garbage, saying, “Good riddance!” (Isaiah 30:20-22 MSG).