Gratefulness: A Smile that Starts with the First Step.

Today, I am grateful for …

  1. The Supernatural inspiration to admit I am powerless.

  2. The value of stability restored.

  3. Appreciative knowing God has my best interest at heart.

  4. Courage to take a fearless self-inventory.

  5. Grace to admit my mistakes.

  6. Patience to let God work on my defects.

  7. Willingness to scrape away my shortcoming.

  8. Making an honest list—and saying, “I’m sorry.”

  9. Wisdom when interacting with others.

  10. The resolution to review my personal shortcomings.

  11. Ability to continually discern God’s will for my life.

  12. Boldly step out and share the Spiritual principles of the 12 Steps.

Yep, I have a lot to be grateful for today.

What’s first on your list?

Oh, thank God—he’s so good! His love never runs out. All of you set free by God, tell the world! Tell how he freed you from oppression (Psalm 107:1-2 MSG).