During an eye exam, an optometrist will ask a patient to lean into the phoropter and look at an eye chart to determine the correct eyeglass prescription. Next, he repeatedly changes the lens settings on the phoropter while asking the patient for feedback on which lens offers the best results.

“How’s this better—or worse?”

“Any change with this setting?”

 “Try this. Clearer? Blurry?”

“Is this better?”

As I fine-tuned my second book, Heaven Heals a Codependent’s Heart, I began to see each story through a new lens. Just as an optometrist twists and turns the lens for clarity, I refocused my life through the spiritual lens of the 12 Steps.

A step here, a twist there—even a backward turn—began to clear up the drama in my life.

A power greater than myself corrected my blurred perceptions as I admitted my shortcomings and allowed God to remove my defects of character.

Things were clearer. My vision of shame and blame had changed. Improving my conscious contact with my Creator God helped me find my personal prescription for truth.

If your journey appears blurred, perhaps the experiences in my new book, Heaven Heals a Codependent’s Heart will help you see your situations through a spiritual lens your Higher Power designed exclusively for you.

They would do the right thing and because they did, they would grow stronger (Job 17:9 CEV).