. . . but after each 12-Step meeting, mentoring session, and confidential conversation I discovered personal growth was possible because of the Steps I took.

First, I had to become willing to —

  1. admit
  2. to believe
  3. make a decision
  4. search within
  5. confess harmful behavior
  6. be entirely ready
  7. and humble
  8. to make amends
  9. without injuring others
  10. admit my wrongdoings
  11. pray, meditate, and act
  12. despite my shortcomings – because of a spiritual awakening – I will carry the message to others!

Give freely and spontaneously. Don’t have a stingy heart. The way you handle matters like this triggers God, your God’s, blessing in everything you do, all your work and ventures . . . (Deuteronomy 15:11 MSG).