We hear what we want to hear.

Does hearing the truth make you feel uncomfortable?


Because the truth hurts.

Just a reminder that May is Better Hearing & Speech Month and this year’s theme is “Communication: The Key to Connection.”

Because denial insists on filtering out the truth in our head, what keys will you use to improve your communication with self?

Some options to hearing and accepting the truth may include reading a self-help book, going to a 12-Step meeting, talking to a sponsor, or how about a hearing aid to help you filter through the muffled sounds to the center of certainty.


Hearing aid doll poster 2

Taking the first step to listen and hear will present a challenge. According to an Audiological Services Blog, the five common complaints from first-time hearing aid users are:

  1. The hearing aid feels uncomfortable. Having something around or inside your ear will feel strange at first, and may even cause irritation or discomfort.

But is battling the voices inside your head telling you something is not right less irritating?

  1. Your voice sounds low.

The cunning voice of denial is deceitfully low—on purpose. But is it any better listening to the self-lies that keep our spirits low?


3. Background noise seems louder. Some hearing aids detect and amplify conversation and you will still hear some background noise. Again, this is something hearing aid wearers get used to over time.

Like me, if you tolerated and got used to the loud shouting matches in your dysfunctional life, wouldn’t normal background noises be a welcome relief?


doll hearing

4. Noise seem sharper or tinny. A readjustment to different sounds because of the hearing aid is normal.

Just as an adjustment to the sounds of peace and quiet in the home, an adjustment of a peaceful mind will begin to feel normal. 


5. You experience a buzzing sound when using your cell phone. Hearing aid manufacturers admit it’s true, there will be an occasional buzzing sound while on the phone. Thanks to advances in technology, this problem is less of an issue than it used to be.

Thanks to 12-Step programs, those of us who used to deny the buzzing in our head are finding relief in the truth. One day at a time denial is becoming less of an issue than it used to be. We are hearing the truth, and it is setting our spirits free.


You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32 CEV).